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Ryan Chitwood
Denver, CO
Feb 18, 2023
Jeremy Eittreim
Fort Wayne, IN
Sep 14, 2022
Hard to believe I'm 42 and this was my first actual roof replacement. Travis and his team turned what i thought was going to be a nightmarish process due to me being out of state at the time into a seamless and easy process he called or texted on every step. They had the material there one day and the roof off and back on the next. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.
Todd Lancaster
Omaha, NE
Aug 17, 2022
Anita Swindell
Minneapolis, MN
Jul 2, 2022
This was about the easiest way to go about getting a complete roof replacement. May be a little unconventional, but with today's modern technology available, it definitely saves a lot of stress abd time. My new roof is beatiful!
Gary Kerns
Denver, CO
Jun 21, 2022
Roofle did an outstanding job replacing my roof. Travis communicated well with us i will highly recommend them and will used them again.
Jayson Ward
Atlanta, GA
Jun 12, 2022
The staff at roofle was very professional and their web app technology was nice and worked (for the most part). They got the job done well and in a timely manner. I was hit with a surprise extra $2k at the end that I wasn't expecting which was jarring. My roof had several layers of old roof shingles underneath that had to be removed as well as the top layer. I wish someone would have told me that that can happen and to be prepared to a much larger bill if it does. I felt that a professional roofer would have been able to see there was extra layers on an initial inspection (especially 3 extra layers).
Ronald Croteau
Fort Wayne, IN
Jun 2, 2022
Kim Zirkle
Omaha, NE
May 8, 2022
They were on time and did a excellent job on our roof. And every one was polite and very professional and did it all in one day. I would give them 5 stars every time someone would ask us about them. Big Dog roofing and Roofle did a excellent job.
Chris Hoke
Minneapolis, MN
May 1, 2022
Installed a new roof on my house in TN. There was supposed to be a quality check conducted post installation. Since I live in NC I was unable to be there during both the install and post quality Evaluation. Pi’s were submitted during the install which helped and was good. Last week I was finally able to view the complete install. There are some obvious problems and I sent an email, out to the CFO and so far have yet to hear back………..I spent thousands of dollars for this job and I am very disappointed and it seems like now the mantra “ is out of sight out of mind”!
Mark McGlone
Denver, CO
Mar 30, 2022
Big Dog roofing and Roofle are the best! Installed my new roof in a day. Did it correct and left my property cleaner than when they started. Pics of the entire process and had a new rood within a week of signing the quote